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Complaints procedure

Complaints procedure of Barnsteen Advocatuur

We make our best effort to properly provide services to you. However, it cannot be excluded that a client is not satisfied with the services of Barnsteen Advocatuur, or is unhappy about a fee note submitted in connection with the services. Barnsteen Advocatuur will be happy to address this.

In order to do so, the client must first express its complaint to Barnsteen Advocatuur.

A discontent client may express its complaint to Mr J. Van Duijvendijk. This may be done verbally and in writing, in other words also simply by telephone or by e-mail. As long as the complaint is expressed!

Receipt of a complaint shall be immediately confirmed to the client in writing. Immediately after confirmation, Mr Van Duijvendijk will strive to arrive at a solution in consultation with the client. If and as soon as a solution has been reached, Mr Van Duijvendijk shall confirm this to the client in writing.

If, however, no solution has been reached within two weeks after confirmation of receipt of a complaint, the client may submit its complaint to the complaints officer, i.e. lawyer (advocaat) Mr Jan Maarten Gerretsen in Amsterdam. Please visit:


Submission of the complaint to Mr Gerretsen cannot be effected verbally, but in writing only, meaning by letter or by e-mail. Mr Gerretsen will act according to the circumstances and will be able to issue a binding opinion. This may also include an opinion on the costs thereof.

Incidentally, a client does not have to await the outcome of this internal complaints procedure, but may turn to the Bar Association of the Netherlands any time. Please visit: www.advocatenorde.nl.

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